Chinese food delivery in Limerick

It’s time to chow down on a chicken chow mein with the help of Deliveroo and our extensive Chinese food section for Limerick. In an effort to provide you with a selection of Chinese food that locals would approve of, we have taken the time to scout the best restaurants and takeaway specialists – and we’re happy to say we’ve found them!

Taste bud-tantalising sweet and sour pork, decadent Peking roasted duck, wonderful wontons, dumplings and noodles that go on for days – what more could you ask for when it comes to ordering a satisfying meal? It goes without saying that classic Chinese food is a favourite in Limerick – and for very good reason. Not only do you get to taste a new, interesting cuisine, but it's also a type of comfort food that never goes out of fashion.

Limerick: Chow down on Chinese food today

Most people will agree that Chinese food is one of the most popular, and most satisfying, takeaway options available. It is tasty, comforting and also extremely cost-effective. It’s also very versatile. Enjoy it when spending a solo night in, order it when enjoying some downtime with your partner, or get your hands on some bulk delights when having the family round for tea.

When it comes to making Chinese food, professional chefs still use the same traditional cooking techniques and methods that were discovered thousands of years ago. In short, when you order Chinese, you’re not only eating a great meal, you’re exploring an incredible culture too!

Luckily, whether you’re in the mood for a basic dish like dumplings or noodle soup, or in search of something slightly more complex like Peking duck or Buddha’s delight, Deliveroo will be able to bring your meal straight to your doorstep. All that you have to do is decide what you fancy and order it online. Then sit back, relax and wait for your doorbell to ring. Yes – feasting on the best Chinese food in town really is as effortless as that.